Online Betting on Counter Strike

In nowadays world it is never again astounding anybody to play in the virtual network. Experienced betters have since a long time ago aced cybersport wagers and figured out how to profit on it. The most loved activity of millions would now be able to bring genuine pay. A standout amongst the most prevalent PC recreations on the planet – Counter Strike moved from the class of diversion side interests into an activity that enables you to convey benefits and get money. Exploit and the chance to gain on your most loved pastime by making CS wagers.

Knowledge of the rules of Counter-Strike is important for the development of strategies for betting on the game CS GO, but even more important is a thorough study of the teams participating in the tournament. To win, it is necessary to take into account absolutely everything: teamwork of the team, possible replacements, inner spirit and competitive spirit. There are several tournaments in the game CS GO, and each of them has its own nuances and subtleties. For example, a victory may be counted as one or for a series of games won.

Given the structure of the game, the procedure for placing bets on CS: GO, in fact, does not differ from the procedure for placing bets on other major sports team games. The confrontation between team A and team B unfolds according to the “win-lose-draw” scheme, and therefore the process of placing bets is based on a similar principle.

You can bet on the result (that is, on the winner of the match) – this bet is known as a money line bet. The proposed odds reflect the teams’ expected chances of winning and are based on data about their wins and losses in past games, while also taking into account the influence of situational factors. Your winnings are simply the amount of the bet multiplied by the odds.

Since the match consists of stages involving the passage of individual cards, you can also place bets on the winner of any of the cards as well as on the winner of the whole match. And since all the cards are different from each other and, as they pass, some teams may show better results than their opponents, the odds for CS: GO cards do not always reflect the teams’ chances of winning the entire match.

Handicap allows you to equalize the chances of teams with the alleged mismatch in the strength of rivals. The principle of this type of bet is to award a weaker team points for passing a certain number of cards or rounds as the initial advantage. The same number of cards is deducted from the favorite team account. As with most multiplayer games, success in CS: GO depends on a combination of individual player talents and team play. While the advantage of most teams in high rankings is a strong roster (in terms of the skills of individual players), the best teams succeed thanks to their excellent teamwork, which allows them to show higher team results.

Another unique feature of CS: GO, which is not typical for any other popular multiplayer game (for example, Dota 2 or League of Legends), is the use of maps, during which the team can demonstrate their skills. The team may be an obvious outsider of the match (as evidenced by the coefficients of the “money line” type), however, the high results of passing a certain card allow us to consider this team as a favorite when placing bets on this particular card.

Betting exchanges in drawing up the line are guided by statistical data, not taking into account the situation of force majeure, and after all, CS eSports matches are easiest to influence outside. Cases of hacker attacks during tournaments on Counter Strike were recorded more than once. There are cases of match-fixing in eSports, when a team without any ambition easily beats a recognized favorite. The human factor usually takes place in not the most prestigious tournaments where the quality of the organization of competitions is not well thought out. Therefore, for bets on Counter-Strike, it is better to choose world-class competitions, widely covered by the press.