Counter Strike: Game of the Century

Cybersport is gaining momentum all over the world. Last year, it was officially recognized as a sport in many countries, and in some countries it is legally equal to football, hockey and basketball. Rumors that eSports will eventually enter the Olympics program no longer seem like a silly joke. Soon, various sports associations will pay more attention to eSports.

Counter-Strike is a multiplayer game in the genre of command "first-person shooter" - the player perceives the world through the eyes of his character, and the main focus is on fighting with the use of weapons. Counter-Strike appeared at the very beginning of zero, having been created on the game engine of the popular single-player game Half-Life, since then several versions have been released that have made significant changes to the rules, process, and appearance of the game.

The plot is based on the confrontation of two parties - the terrorists and the police, who are called in the game "counter-terrorists". Teams take turns playing for those and for others. The main difference is that one of the terrorists has a C4 bomb, which it is desirable to put in certain places on the game map. Accordingly, the "counter-terrorists" defend these places. The most important role is played by tactics - both individual and team (distribution of types of weapons and duties of players, collective attack or defense of the territory).

The game uses many well-known types of firearms - from various pistols, machine guns and rifles to shotguns, machine guns and, of course, sniper rifles (the most famous is AWP) with the ability to use a telescopic sight.

Weapons differ in lethal force, rate of fire and price. Some weapons are more popular among players than others. In the case of the death of a player in the round, you must buy the weapon again. Those who survived retain weapons for the next round. Weapons can be picked up from the body of a dead comrade or enemy, as well as transferred to a partner.

The number of weapons has limitations. You can carry only one type of gun and one type of main weapon. You can also buy combat, blinding and smoke grenades, body armor and helmets (they allow you to last longer after they hit you).

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In the very first round, for both sides, players from both teams have $ 800, a pistol, and also a knife, which is always the default. The minimum cost of any weapon, except for a standard pistol, is from $ 900.

Most of the key actions in the game bring virtual money to each cyber-sportsman for which you can buy weapons. Money is paid for installation of the bomb and the bombing, winning the rounds and killing the enemy. In addition, the game pays for the lost rounds so that there is no too big gap between the team that leads the score and the team that concedes. For the murder of a team-mate a fine is issued (minus 300 dollars). The maximum amount of money from one player is 16 thousand dollars.

The game is a personal count of committed murders. In addition, in the modern version of the game are taken into account and "assists" - crucial wounds, after which the enemy is just to finish.

Spectacular killings are appreciated among players - due to instant reaction, several in a row (and especially if the player was left alone against a group of opponents), in difficult game situations, through walls and doors (the game realized the ability to shoot a number of objects and parts of the map). Special mention deserves a headshot - an accurate shot in the head, which can cause instant death of the opponent or cause him very serious damage. Riding the humiliation of an opponent is considered to kill him with a knife. It is also impossible to bleed to death - the injury affects the player’s number of lives, but does not entail aggravating consequences.

In tournaments, the game is played until one or two or three cards are won, depending on the rules of the competition and its stage. At the beginning, both teams take turns striking out cards from the list available in competitive mode until the number determined by the organizers remains. Each map has its own landscape features. Suppose there are trains on the Train card.

The team that won the first 16 rounds wins on the map. For the first side, teams play 15 rounds, after which the sides change. Each round lasts 1 minute 45 seconds - or 40 seconds after C4 is set. Demining a bomb lasts 10 seconds without a sapper recruitment or 5 seconds with a sapper recruitment (it can be purchased).

Victory in the round is awarded to terrorists either by detonating a bomb or by eliminating all opponents. Counter-terrorists win in three cases: after demining the bomb, after eliminating all opponents before installing the bomb, and after the end of the round in which the bomb was not installed.

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